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Ooraloo presents our debut EP, Locales. We love you.


released May 24, 2018

Ooraloo is Ethan Kenvarg (vocals, guitar), Mike Lang (bass), Caleb Neubauer (vocals, keys), Marcos Rios (guitar), and Phill Smith (drums, percussion). Locales EP by Ooraloo (2018).

Faz Chaudry contributed electric guitar on and co-wrote "tiny traps" and brought extra love. The sample in "Fort Collins" is from Solaris (1972).

Jon Edwards engineered at his attic studio and took such good care of us. Katie In produced and engineered and offered consistent brilliance. Adam Thein produced and mixed and brought the absolute best out of our tracks. Dave Roberts mastered and stayed up late like a champ. Erik Jarvis offered pre-production thoughts and inspired us. Dane Haiken consulted on aesthetics. Special thanks to each of you: we are humbled by your generosity and talent.

Art by Caleb Neubauer. "Aldo" font by Sacha Rein. Band photos by William Barton Suerte.

Thank you to our friends and followers. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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Ooraloo Chicago, Illinois


A swirling blend of sounds both familiar and avant-garde, Ooraloo takes listeners on a lyrical journey with every song. Whether it's with catchy riffs, intricate rhythms or the tasteful layering of synths, guitar and vocals, these cosmic songwriters will entertain, comfort and keep you guessing in all the best ways. ... more

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Track Name: City Bunny
The path in between your arms is what I want.
To hold you so I recall what I forgot.

The movement inside your heart is what I need.
The chambers’ elastic choke that makes you bleed.

Ah, what’s that?
Ooh, impact.
Ah, what’s this?
Ooh, speechless?

The line that divides your open palm in half
Is building a wall between the good and bad.

Ooh, I thought.
Track Name: Older
Standing and bouncing on toes
Pushing and pulling our bones
Feeling our insides explode
Knowing that we’re not alone

Acting my age gets older the older I get
Being myself means being what I am not yet
Reaching across means the fear that I’m losing my hand
Acting my age gets older the older I am

I set it all, I set it all, I set it all apart
You settle in, I squirm around, you make a grab at my heart

Acting my age gets tougher and tougher to do
Asking for help is asking for someone to lose
Acting my age is tougher and tougher to prove

I fuck around, I fuck around, I fuck around like a kid
You fire back, I shrug it off, and I forget what I did

I’m wondering how to go about this mess
I’m wondering if it’s best that I regret

I pick a scab, I pick a scab, I pick a scab and watch it bleed
I dig a hole, I make a scar, I think I know what I need
I do it wrong, I do it wrong, I do it wrong ‘til it’s done
You pull me in, you pull me in, you pull me in, you pull me in
I push away, I push away, I push away ‘til I’m gone
Track Name: Stinson Beach
Who else could’ve seen it coming?
Who else could’ve know it’d be that bad?
Who else?
But I suppose that’s why you’re supposed to wonder.
And I suppose that’s how we get out from under.

You said it would be a second.
You said it would be a few more years.
You said.
But I’ve been told that these memories will last me longer.
And I suppose that’s how we get out from under.

I’ve got it all worked out,
So don’t ask me why.
Track Name: tiny traps
in the time it took for the tides
to strand a couple kids on the outcrop—
south of town, past the welcome sign—
it occurred to them how far from aligned

it all is, it all really is

in the years it has taken to lie
about all the tiny traps that I left behind
you would think that I forgot a few
and, shit, I’ve sure as hell tried

but it’s all there is, all there really is

(I feel like I’m losing)
is it all there is?
(I feel like I’m losing)
all it is?
(I feel like I’m losing)
is this all there is?
(I feel like I’m losing you)
all there is?

my concern for losing you took its toll
but all it was, just a slow fall
all it was, ebb and flow
that's all it was
it's all it is
Track Name: Fort Collins
I'm leaning my head against the frozen expanse outside the window
You're pushing the pedal and, as we advance, you change the tempo

She left us in August, my face like a faucet, the back of the car felt more like a coffin

Fear appeared

The snow on the pines and the mountains behind, it rushes over
(It rushes over)
The heater's on high but it's not melting a thing and I feel like I've never been older
(And I feel like I've never been older)

We pull up to the driveway and you put it in neutral and we listen to nothing and the silence is useful

Sometimes I wonder if I was designed
With nothing but iron inside
An inanimate tangle of pride
And soul

I slide, tracing a vertical line
From the top of my skull through my spine
Carving a canyon inside

Sometimes the simplest thing that I find
Is buried beneath a landslide
Tumbling down the incline

I lie and tell you I’m doing alright
You press on the gas and ignite
We move it ahead and rewind
And go

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